Finnair Plus Cuts American Airlines Earnings By Up To 75% (Effective August 1 or September 1?)

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A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped us a note about changes Finnair Plus had made to its earning chart with American Airlines that greatly affects those that fly on economy.

Until now, all economy class fare classes have earned 100%. Under the new earning chart, eligible economy fare classes will earn 50% or 25% mileage credit depending of the miles (or kilometers flown).

You can access Finnair Plus page for partner earnings here.

Note that there appears to be a mistake on this page. The existing chart should be valid through August 31 while the new one is valid from August 1. Both cannot be valid! I have requested clarification from Finnair.

Here’s the Finnair Plus earning chart for American Airlines:

Finnair Plus American Airlines


American Airlines awards its AAdvantage miles based on the $$$ used instead of miles flown. This change drastically affects those that credits economy class AA flights to Finnair Plus. Earnings are cuts by up to 75%!

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