Reader Question: Compensation For A Laundry Disaster At Marriott?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email how to deal with damaged laundry that happened at Marriott property.

Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield

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Here’s the email from the reader

Would like to hear your advice on a issue I had in one of my recent stays at the “Bengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield” . I am a Gold member with Marriott from my stays last year and already have 50+ nights this year.

My stay was for 18 nights and I usually get my laundry done from the hotel. While I was packing up to check out, I noticed that the pants of my suit I got dry cleaned the day before looked different and upon closer inspection I noticed that there was heat damage from top to bottom which I assume was from ironing or pressing. I immediately brought this upon management notice and the laundry supervisor/manager came up and said it was not ironed properly and ironing would fix the issue and took it away. 30 minutes later he comes back with a guest relations manager and says the issue can not be rectified and offers 10000 marriott points (probably translates to 100USD in real world) or a 20% discount on the total laundry for the stay . This was a 750USD suit I had got in Japan a year back and probably worn in 3 trips before and was in fairly new condition and was not willing to accept it.

I got this escalated to the guest relations manager and I was demanded the receipt for the suit to provide any monetary compensation. I do not believe this was a fair ask as one would not keep receipts for clothes they bought 1 year ago, let alone travel with the receipts. Another option I was offered was to get a suit tailor made to the same measurements and sent to Singapore where I reside. However that did not give me the assurance that the quality of the product I would receive would be similar, or the suit would fit me. The manager was a woman and she looked as if she was between a rock and a hard place and I did not want to press any further or waste any more time as I was getting late for my flight and took the next option I was offered of 30000 points, and walked out extremely dissatisfied but with no other option.

I would like to hear your advice on if I should be happy with what I got, or is there any further action I can take. I do not want to just go write a bad review of the hotel on a public forum as I was very satisfied with the way the staff took care of me up to that last hour of my stay. I do not think taking this up with the hotel management would help, and would like to know if there is a channel to take this can be taken up with Corporate Marriott.

If you read the laundry form very closely, the hotel or their contractor likely take zero liability for any damage done to the clothes. It doesn’t mean that the hotel wouldn’t compensate if they make a mistake.

Marriott hotels pay $60 for every 10,000 in compensation points issued. 30,000 points would cost the hotel $180 $210. I would assume that it is easier for them to issue points that to compensate in cash accounting wise.

I don’t think that it is unreasonable for the hotel to ask for a purchase receipt for the suit but I don’t keep mine for longer than a month or two for purchases such as this (I usually take a photo of more expensive ones).

I probably would ask 50,000 points ($300 cost for them) that would be roughly half of the value considering that it is year old at this point.


I usually launder my shirts at the hotels and they have mostly come back just fine (not expensive ones anyway).

You sometimes hear stories hotels basically destroying expensive suits when washing/dry cleaning them incorrect way and then trying to dodge the compensation claim entirely. Luckily that is not the case here. Seems that the hotel has accepted the liability. Now the parties just need to come up with a compensation that is acceptable for both.

It is always easier for Marriott hotels, not sure why, to award points instead of cash. I don’t mind this at all.

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