Marriott Rewards Travel Package Conversion Email


Marriott Rewards has been very quiet what it will do with the hotel certificates that are from the Travel Packages after the Marriott Rewards and SPG programs are merged on August 18, 2018.

Marriott Rewards Travel Certificate

Late on Friday, Marriott Rewards started sending out the email above to members that have these certificates sitting on their account informing that they should attach them to reservations or plan not doing anything with them for a month while they are being converted.

You can access Marriott’s page for current Travel Packages here.

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Here’s the small print on the email:

*Our New Travel Packages will launch with our new loyalty program on 8/18/18. Certificates purchased on or after 8/18 are able to be used immediately. For certificates purchased prior to 8/18, we are working to convert your package and it will be available based on the new converted values on September 18, 2018.

It is unclear what these “new converted values” are? Do they just issue new mapping Travel Package certificate or deposit them as points?

Here’s my last piece about these Travel Packages:

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages 2018

LAST CALL: Marriott Rewards Travel Packages (Still Available At The Old Rates!)


I guess that Marriott Rewards has been vague with regards to these Travel Packages to prevent “run on the bank”. They pay very little for award nights consumed but have to pay significantly for airline miles issued.

Nothing would have prevented Marriott Rewards to come clear what these “converted values” are but obviously they prefer obfuscate. Behavior like this doesn’t built trust between the program and its members.

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