UPDATE: Marriott Rewards Travel Package Conversion Email


Yesterday, I wrote (access here) about an email that Marriott Rewards has been sending out to some members who has Travel Package certificates sitting on their account attached or unattached (I haven’t received this communication like  many other members).

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages 2018

Marriott Rewards originally communicated that “floater certificates” would be converted to points. This doesn’t, however, apply to these Travel Package Certificates (was unclear). They will be converted to new certs (at what value is still unclear).

You can access Marriott’s web page for Travel Packages here.

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After I published the piece yesterday, I received the following statement from the Marriott spokesperson:

While we plan on sharing the full conversion chart on 8/18, I can let you know that all existing certificates will convert to similarly valued categories after that date.

The problem here is that the “converted values” that the sent email was referring to cannot align 100% because the current Travel Package award chart contains 7 packages and the new only 5.


Marriott Rewards Travel Packages Current


Marriott Rewards Travel Packages New

Possible Conversion Chart

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages New & Old Mapping

Looking at the current and the new values, I made an exercise what the conversion chart could be. There aren’t that many options in reality. The sweet spot appears to be the current category 8 at 40K per night that they need to bump to 50K (new category 6).


I still don’t get it why Marriott Rewards cannot just release the conversion charts that they must have had available for months by now. Cannot be any other reason that trying to prevent people to take advantage of any possible sweet spots and discourage these Travel Package redemptions that actually cost the program money.

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