Hainan Airlines Diamond Family Package For Australia (30 Business Class Roundtrips For 33K AUD)

Cash-strapped Hainan Airlines has launched new Diamond Family Package-promotion for the Australian market.

Hainan Airlines

The airline is selling 30 international business class roundtrip tickets for 33,000 AUD ($24K) excluding taxes/fees/fuel surcharges.

You can access this offer on Hainan’s website here.

The Family Package can be used by the buyer and up to three beneficiaries. One of the beneficiaries must be 22 years or young OR 60 years or older. The package is valid for thee years and books into R fare class. One of the members can get trial Gold card for one year too.

You must make the Family Pack booking minimum 14 days in advance of the intended travel.


Hainan Airlines Diamond Family Package Fees

When I first saw this, it came to my mind that the fuel surcharges on Hainan Airlines flights must be high. They are, however, rather reasonable based on a search that I made.


Hainan Airlines is part of HNA Group that is in deep financial trouble. The cofounder of HNA fall of a cliff and died while touring France this summer (read more here). HNA has been shedding its hotel assets as of late. Hainan has had issues paying for its Airbus deliveries (read more here).

The problem with this offer is that the R class availability can be spotty at times and there is never a guarantee that airline wouldn’t collapse.

The roundtrip price in business class would be $1K in USD with all the taxes/fees if one is able to use all the 30 trips. Not bad!

Here are the terms and conditions of this promotion:

1. Conditions of purchase: This product is only available to Fortune Wings Club members. Passengers are advised to enroll before purchasing, by logging on to the Hainan Airlines official website or following the Hainan Airlines WeChat account.

2. This product can be used by one primary passenger and three beneficiaries. The beneficiaries must be on the beneficiary list of the primary passenger’s Fortune Wings Club account.

3. Adding beneficiaries: the three beneficiaries must include at least one passenger aged 22 years (inclusive) or younger, or one senior passenger aged 60 years (inclusive) or older. Once beneficiaries have been confirmed, they cannot be altered. Beneficiaries do not need to travel with the primary passenger. If additional beneficiaries are desired in addition to the three beneficiaries included in the product price, they must be specified at the time of purchase and are subject to a surcharge of AUD 11,000/10 round trips/person.

4. The above prices cover fares only. Taxes and fees for international segments need to be paid when the actual passenger tickets are issued. In addition, fares, taxes & fees for connecting flights within mainland China also need to be paid, depending on passengers’departure city.

5. Applicable fare class and routes: Product fare class R, applicable to Hainan Airlines flights on Australia routes departing from China or overseas.

6. Product validity period: This product is valid for three years commencing from the date that the email confirmation is received by the passenger. All passenger tickets must be issued within the product validity period. After the product expires, passengers who have not used all the flights can redeem them for Hainan Airlines regular-priced international tickets at a value of AUD 11,000 per round trip. If the regular-priced ticket is cheaper, no refund is given, but if it is more expensive, the passenger must pay the difference.

7. Product refund rules: A refund may be given if the passenger has not redeemed any tickets and has not applied for the Fortune Wings Club elite trial membership card . Refunds are subject to a refund fee of 10% of the amount paid. No refund is permitted if any tickets have been redeemed or used. Taxes for unused segments are refundable.

8. This product has no restrictions on flight dates. Redeemed passenger tickets must be booked at least 14 days (inclusive) in advance.

9. Passenger ticket refund, alteration and endorsement rules: Once redeemed and issued, passenger tickets cannot be refunded or endorsed to other airlines, and the passenger names cannot be changed. Rescheduling is free and unlimited. Itinerary alterations are subject to a fee of AUD 300 each time.

10. Flights taken using this product do not count towards award points.Value-added benefits: The Fortune Wings Club elite trial membership Gold Card is valid for one year only. It can only be requested by the holder and beneficiaries and is non-transferable. If additional beneficiaries are added for a fee, one complimentary Fortune Wings Club elite trial membership with Silver Card status valid for one year will be awarded to each additional beneficiary.

11. Purchasing Australian Diamond Family Packages while outside of China, please call the Hainan Airlines Australia (Sydney) Office on 0061 2 8278 7400 (opening hours: 09:00-17:30 (local time), closed on Saturdays and statutory holidays).Hainan Airlines Global Website does not sell Diamond Family Packages online.