Reader Question: Does It Make Sense To Redeem For Marriott Rewards Travel Package?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email regarding redeeming for Marriott Rewards Travel Package that are changing this coming Saturday (and for the worse).

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages 2018

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You can access Marriott’s page for Travel Packages here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

does it make sense to get one of the marriott – air+flight packages prior to 8/18 given the uncertainty? it would be the one w united. and I wouldn’t use the certificate prior to 8/18.

Marriott has confirmed (read more here) that the certificates will be converted to similar new certificates at some point in September and that members will not lose value in the process.

If the reader has the required number of points in his account, there is no downside to issuing the Travel Package now. And if the US numbers are busy, you can always call the foreign ones too (read more here).


These Travel Packages are exceptional value and I wrote a piece comparing the current and the ones and what the possible converted pairs could be (read more here).

I don’t believe that there is any uncertainty at this point. There was some earlier when Marriott communicated that any floater certificates would be converted to points and many thought that this would apply to these hotel certificates from Travel Packages too.