Reader Question: Marriott & SPG Program Merger Free Night Certs, Ambassador & Lifetime Status?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us bunch of questions by Facebook regarding the Marriott & SPG program merger that will take place on Friday this week.

Reader Question Marriott & SPG

Remember that you can always email us, send a message via Facebook or use Twitter and include photos too. We’ll try to cover Reader Questions & Comments here several times a week.

You can access Marriott’s page for combined program information here.

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Here’s the message from the reader:

I am currently Platinum75 at SPG, I understand that on August 18th I will be Platinum Premier Elite.

My main account is the SPG, where so far this year I have accumulated 72 nights (and some reservations for after August 18). At the same time I also stayed at Marriott hotels this year (I have 8 nights in MR).

As a gift for 50 nights in SPG I chose the free night certificate. At the same time, in my MR account I have another free night certificate in hotels cat 1-5. Do you have any information about what will happen with these certificates in the merger of the programs? Will they still be valid in the new cat 1-5 hotels? Will they transform them to points?

I also want to ask you, if this year I get 100 nights in SPG hotels (and I think I can get there), I will become Platinum with Ambassador ?, that is, having 100 or more nights in SPG hotels, I will be exonerated of spending USD 20000?

And as a last question, this is related to the Lifetime status. Currently at SPG I have 4 years as Platinum (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018), and at the same time I already qualified Platinum for 2019 (the expiration of my Platinum is February 2020). I have 269 accumulated lifetime nights. Next year, if the programs were not merged, I would win the Lifetime Gold status, but with this change, would it be Lifetime Silver? Or would they recognize me that I “practically won” the lifetime gold with SPG?

Platinum75 members will be Platinum Premier members under the new program.

Marriott Rewards communicated at some point that they would convert “floater certificates” to points. Category 1 – 5 Marriott cert should be worth 25K points. They could always just reissue these with similarly or higher valued certs.

You can become Ambassador this year only by staying 100 nights at SPG legacy brands only and the $20K requirement doesn’t apply.

For the lifetime status, you need to count how many times you have earned the status. You have earned it only four times and the SPG lifetime Gold requires five. There is unfortunately no consolation prize for almost earning it.


The last few months and weeks have been non-stop emails and questions about the Marriott and SPG program merger that finally takes place this weekend on Saturday.

Let’s hope that all goes well and accounts are merged correctly. I wouldn’t be too surprised if there are few glitches here and there.

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