Fabulous Fridays: Publicly Available Gadget Charging Stations In The Hotel Lobby – Case Aloft Kuala Lumpur

Our Fabulous Fridays topic this week is about gadget charging stations that many hotel brands have now set up in their lobby to offer guests the option to charge their mobile devices on the go.

Especially the select service brands targeted to a younger audience such as aloft and moxy have started putting these stations up but I’ve previously seen them at a Hilton and Le Meridien as well.

In fact last week was the first time I ever had to use one of these stations as I forgot my iPhone charging cable at home while going on a two day trip to Kuala Lumpur where I mostly stay at the aloft that thankfully had this charging station located in the lobby with only one other slot being in use.

Full service brands can usually provide the guest with some of of charging device unless one carries a very exotic or old cellphone but I wouldn’t expect that at a select service brand such as aloft. INstead they elected to set up this station.

I think these station have become somewhat of a brand standard and part of the inventory for aloft hotels to signalize the young, trendy and tech savvy vibe. It would be obviously much cheaper to just buy a few cheap charging cables to lend them out to guests who ask for them but this way it’s a more visible service item.


Travelers nowadays carry a wide variety of electronics that need charging and it’s very easy to lose or forget a cable for these devices. The aloft isn’t the first property I’ve seen such a station and they are actually quiet popular even at shopping malls.

Have you seen such charging stations at other hotels and used them previously?

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