Hilton Honors Discontinues Shop-To-Earn Mall On September 1, 2018


Hilton Honors members have been able to earn points for online purchases made through its Shop-To-Earn Mall but this service will end on September 1, 2018.

Hilton Honors Shop To Earn

Members can make purchases on the platform until 11:59PM ET on August 31st and the associated Hilton Honors points will be deposited to members accounts.

You can access Shop-To-Earn Mall here.

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Here’s cope of the email that was send out:

Hilton Honors Shop To Earn Email


Cartera usually handles these shopping malls for most of the airlines but this Hilton Honors one wasn’t theirs. Not sure if the Hilton mall is gone for good or if they are just switching vendors. I have requested clarification from Hilton.

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