What’s Your Experience Paying Your Hotel Bill Through Digital Wallet / Electronic Payment Such As Alipay & Apple Pay?


Hotels are slowly joining the electronic payment wave and introduce payment terminals for Alipay, Apple Pay and WeChat payments though in many cases the technology doesn’t seem to work properly.

When trying to pay for the hotel bill at a Grand Hyatt this week the terminal wasn’t even operating properly – couldn’t be switched on at all when my friend tried to use Alipay.

I’m all for adding extra options for customers when it comes to payments and other services but then it should be in operation and not be advertised all over the pace just to find out that in the end it’s a foul marketing stunt.

Of course Alipay ponders to Chinese audience. The Chinese market is very innovative when it comes to the support of mobile based technologies and you can pay with AliPay, WeChat as well as Apple Pay at various stores all over the place including random street vendors. Discount e-cupons that are scanned off the mobile device are very common as well.

After becoming daily business in China the technology has now crept into other parts of Asia as well and slowly made it’s way into the hospitality industry including hotels.

While I can see the point for smaller purchases where using mobile payments can be very convenient I can’t make out the advantages for payments at hotels. I guess if you have a hotel loyalty program credit card then it would make more sense to pay with that. There aren’t that many options to earn points through credit card in China though (there are some but by far not as many as in other countries).


I guess time will tell how successful and universally accepted this way of payment is going to be but for now it looks very wide spread already especially in Asia. China is a huge market for these technologies to make a breakthrough especially since most people still don’t carry a credit card but instead use alternative options which are naturally cash or debit card.

Are you using Apple pay and would you settle your hotel bill with it or have you encountered any problems when attempting to use it?

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