SPG Data Integration Issues (Report Yours Here)


New SPG website and app (Marriott white labels) both came alive very early on Sunday roughly 28 hours after they went dark late on Friday night.

SPG Integration Issues

Seems that Marriott has had quite a few issues, however, porting the data over looking at my account and there are just some incorrect messages. What problems are you experiencing if any?

1. Nights To Date Count Incorrect

SPG Nights

The conversion has deducted 10 nights from my total. Should be 71 nights but the new app and website only show 71.

2. Lifetime Nights Count Went Up By 51

SPG Lifetime Nights

Previous lifetime total nights consumed was 759 and now it is 810.

3. Account Activity For The Past 30 Days Missing?

SPG Activity Missing

There is no warning on the website but there is on the app.

4. On My Way To Lifetime Silver Elite?

SPG Lifetime Silver Elite

I have already qualified for Lifetime Platinum Premier yet the app shows that I am on my way to Lifetime Silver Elite Status.

5. Ambassador Status Expiry

SPG Ambassador Expiry

Ambassador status should only be valid through 2019 and not 2020 as the app now shows unless I consume 100 SPG nights this year OR 100 combined SPG and Marriott nights + $20K.

6. Spend In 2018

SPG Total Spend

The app indicates that I would have spent $13K at Starwood hotels this year. Too round figure and definitely not with 61 nights. I believe that this is completely made up figure.

7. Ambassador Contact Info Gone

SPG Ambassador Service

The new app doesn’t provide Ambassador contact information at all. The old app did.


Data could be outdated because they decided to do some of the porting in advance.

Some of the messages don’t make any sense like the one that I am on my way to Lifetime Silver Elite status. They should have done better quality control.

The increase in lifetime nights could be explained if they decided to count those SPG awards that were consumed before they become qualifying.

And no. I am not calling SPG or my Ambassador…..