It’s Monday & SPG Side Doesn’t Have Access To Booking Systems


Not sure how well the system merger of SPG to Marriott is going on at the moment (since late Friday night) but the message that I received from the SPG Platinum desk and from my Ambassador are not encouraging.

IBM Computer

Seems that SPG side is completely cut off from the system at the moment and unable to make or modify reservations and it is MONDAY.

I dropped an email to my Ambassador to fix one reservation and here’s the reply I received (10:57AM EST):

We currently do not have access to our booking systems. I do apologize. Our technical teams are working very hard to give us access due to the One Program merge

The reply from the SPG Platinum desk was (9:40AM EST):

I apologize for any delay in our response. We are currently merging loyalty programs with Marriott International. As a result, our system is in the process of updating and we are unable to modify your reservation at this time. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. If you have other questions, click here to find a toll free phone number in your area.

UPDATE: Called the SPG Platinum line at 5:55PM EST

Systems were down. The agent told that they were hoping to be back in about an hour and to call back then.


Let’s hope that Marriott can get systems up and running soon because at some point this will start affecting revenue and customer satisfaction.

Deloitte is consulting Marriott with loyalty program integration. Not sure if they are doing the IT side of it too. UPDATE: Just had a word with a friend who works for Deloitte (not on this project) and he believes that it is Accenture.