RANT: New SPG Number & Consequences


Many SPG members myself included have been logging to the Marriott’s SPG website (white label) to  find out that they have been assigned a new membership number.

New SPG Number

You don’t usually use the membership number when you deal with a hotel but they track your stay history using it and now it is ALL GONE.

Hotels tend to prioritize upgrades not just based on the status you have but also how many times you have stayed at the property (and perhaps spend to). This information is usually stored behind the membership number.

So, next time I am checking to a hotel where I have been 20+ times, I will be a brand new guest with no prior history at all.

Of course hotels can use and do use last name and first name for these matches but there are often travelers at the bigger properties that may share them.


Friend of mine that has had 1,500+ SPG nights, been part of the program 15+ years and an Ambassador ever since the program was launched unofficially, was forced to change his number too. He wasn’t happy camper.

You would think that it shouldn’t be too complicated for an IT system to deal with “former” Marriott and SPG number as long as they are not duplicates?

I hate losing the stay history with many of the properties that I have frequented over the years but where I am not back every few months. Marriott could have done this better.