Reader Rant: SPG Award Reservations Canceled & Points Gone?


A LoyaltyLobby reader left a comment/rant about another Marriott and SPG merger related issue that has been reported several times.

Reader Comment SPG Award Reservations Canceled & Points Lost

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You can access Marriott’s web page for program update here.

Here’s the message from the reader:

ok, so Marriott has completely lost it.. I have been very patient with them through this process of merger since I completely understand and empathize with integration issues.
But, here’s the deal. There is a limit.

I have multiple reservations that I canceled but points that were used to make those reservations won’t show up in my account. Just so you understand, the total of these points that seem to have disappeared are close to half a million points. poof. don’t know where they are. and no one would explain it to me, I have called three times within the last 2 days and the last agent was just wonderful, she said, “sir, there is nothing we can do, please call back tomorrow, bye and just hung up”.

This is the treatment they give to someone who is a lifetime platinum with SPG, and with combined Marriott and SPG have over 15 years of platinum.

Hyatt and other chains, offer me a platinum status and here i come. I could never think it could be this bad and Marriott, you chose showed me how much you really care!!!

I am sure my points issue will be resolved at some point, but come ON, show some respect. I wish they re corded my call so they can listen to how it went.

Wow, I am just at a loss of words for how I feel about this merger


You would think that Marriott Rewards would have done better quality testing in advance that the software would be working before implementing it?.

The program merger was supposed to happen at the end of this year but was brought up for some unknown reason. I guess that someone’s bonus was dependent of executing this mess when it simply was not ready for roll-out.

I am sure that this missing points issue is eventually resolved as is the case of my missing stays since mid-July that still haven’t showed up. I am missing 10 or so nights from my early tally for 2018. It is annoying for those that would need to use their award points for other stays or stays/nights for reaching higher membership tier.

The communication from Marriott is really lacking. They are not acknowledging any of these issues or when they are planning to resolve them. It is now a week since they started to merge the systems.

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