Reader Question: Marriott/SPG Ambassador Status For 2019?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question about Marriott/SPG Ambassador status for 2019 after Marriott customer service had failed to provide an answer.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I am a legacy SPG Platinum 75 guest. For this year, I am presently at 66 qualifying nights and about $8k USD qualifying spend. With just reservations I presently have booked, I will hit 75 nights in the next 3-4 weeks.

If I hit 100 nights at legacy SPG properties this year (which is actually very much a possibility for the first time this year based on my current travel plans) but do not hit the $20k in spend (which is the likely scenario since many of the hotels I frequent have competitive rates), will I still get the 100-night benefits (i.e., Your24 and Ambassador) for next year?

Also, I have 2 nights at a legacy Marriott property this year. If I combine my accounts, will that affect my ability to earn 100 night status based on legacy SPG criteria? And do those 2 Marriott nights count towards 100, or does it need to be 100 nights at legacy SPG properties? And if I do combine accounts, should I merge my Marriott account into my SPG account or vice-versa? I have not been able to get a straight answer on these questions from anyone.

I’m not so concerned about the ambassador service because I’ve never had it. However, I have used Your24 a few times and I’m not happy that Marriott has moved this into the 100-night/20k spend bucket. I’ve expressed this to Marriott and … crickets.

The reader can qualify for the Ambassador status that comes with Your24 in two different ways:

1. 100 nights with Marriott and Starwood brands combined with $20K spend.

2. 100 nights at legacy Starwood brands in 2018. There is no spend requirement.

It doesn’t matter if one chooses to keep SPG or Marriott Rewards number alive. They are in fact both Marriott Rewards anyway. The SPG account and website is merely a skin of Marriott’s one.


Neither the Ambassador service nor Your24 is worth $20K spend unless it comes naturally with the stays (not $$$$ runs).

The Marriott website “upgrade” (discontinuance of SPG website) took away the ability to actually use Your24 online. Now you need to do it over the phone or email your Ambassador. What a waste of time!

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