American Airlines AAdvantage Reduced Mileage Awards Are Out, Valid From August Through November 2018

American Airlines AAdvantage has published their “Reduced Mileage Awards” for select U.S. based American Airlines credit card holders who are eligible to book certain city pairs at reduced award levels.

Eligible are card holder of various Citibank and Barclaycard card products issued in the U.S. (we included a list of respective cards in this article).

There isn’t a fix value assigned for all cards, how big your discount is largely depends on on the type of credit card you hold, the city pair as well as the class of service (discounts are available for both Economy and First Class).

You can access the promotional page for the AA Reduced Mileage Awards here.

Save up to 7,500 miles on roundtrip MileSAAver awards

Ready to redeem your miles for a reduced mileage award? Here’s how:

1. Find your card and mileage discount
2. Based on your mileage discount, pick the class of service you want to travel and find the award code
3. Choose your destination – just make sure it’s available when you want to travel
4. Call Reservations at 800-882-8880 or visit a ticket office to book your award

These are the credit cards eligible to receive a discount:

It’s a good visualization of how many different credit cards there are for just one frequent flyer program. It used to be the case that there were one or two, now there are a dozen!

After finding your credit card you then have to identify your award type:

The 1,000-2,000 mile discounts for short distance (sub 500 miles) flights are somewhat mediocre, not sure I’d bother going through a lot of hassle to profit from these savings unless I’d book multiple tickets.

There is a wide range of different destinations this time around:

September has the most destinations available while it’s getting more sparse in October and November but overall there should be something for everyone IF these are the destinations you’re intending on traveling on either way.

These discounts are a relatively unknown feature of AAdvantage cards and could make a difference for card holders to justify their annual fee when deciding to either keep their card or cancelling it.


I found it kinda funny that they prompt you to visit a ticket office in order to get these awards issued. Is there still any AA ticket office around? The last I saw was in New York City and I believe even that one got closed a decade ago. Either way you have to call in to get this reduced mileage award which is pretty much a realistic picture of how antiquated their IT structure is.

At least this time there are plenty of mainstream destinations as well as a decent discount for First Class bookings. With a 7,500 miles discount it could actually make sense to redeem for a premium cabin even though I usually consider that a total waste of miles for U.S. domestic travel at regular rates.

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