Reader Question: Marriott Platinum Premier Elite Lifetime, Should I Buy 40 Nights?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email that many must me contemplating right now. Should he try to get the nights in for the Platinum Premier Lifetime status by the end of this year when it is only offered?

Reader Question Marriott Platinum Premier Elite Lifetime, Should I Buy 40 Nights

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You can access Marriott’s web page for combined program here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been debating this question for a while and was curious on your take. I am a Marriott member and will end this year with ~710 lifetime nights. Should I go for the extra 40 nights to get grandfathered into lifetime platinum premier elite? Few follow up questions as well…

1) Is my understanding correct that 750 nights will get me grandfathered in? I only have been platinum for 8 years so I don’t meet the new 10 year rule, but I do have the 2M lifetime points, which I believe was the previous requirement.

2) Is there any way to buy nights (excluding the CC bonuses)?

3) If I book a room for 40 nights do you have any strategies for the cheapest option?  Are there any rules I need to watch out for, such as can I just do mobile checkin, or do I physically need to be there

Really appreciate your thoughts on this topic!

There are several ways to earn the Platinum Premier status this year when it is only available:

1. Earn lifetime Marriott Platinum status under legacy rule that will map to Lifetime Platinum Premier. You need 750 nights and minimum 2,000,000 earned points. The nights and earned points could have come from any source.

2. Minimum 10 years as SPG Platinum and 750 nights.

3. Combined 10 years of SPG and Marriott Platinum (Platinum years tallied together) and total of 750 nights combined.

The reader is very close to Platinum Premier lifetime status that comes with extra benefits such as bonus points, upgrades at Ritz-Carlton hotels and likely higher upgrade priority at all hotels compared to regular Platinum.

The reader could:

1. Get 10 qualifying nights from the first “meeting” held for the year under the new rules. The meeting should not cost more than $200. I wrote about the Marriott Meetings here.

We are then 30 nights short. I would make a booking for 10 nights at the cheapest Marriott property in the area and go to physically check in. Rinse and repeat this three times over a month or two (preferably when there is a promotion from Marriott Rewards).

Let the front desk know that you need the nights for a Marriott promotion, you would like to get a settled folio for the entire stay, they can give you the absolute worst room in the hotel and they should NOT check you out before the stay is over. Hotel may sometimes do this if they think that you have left.


There are so many questions and issues arising from the program merger and issues since the merger last week that there have been Marriott/SPG related reader questions every day (and likely will be this week).

30 nights can cost $1,500 at the absolute lowest priced Marriott property somewhere in Asia. You can probably find something to check in around $100 per night in the United States.

If the reader had realized this situation earlier, he could have done just four meetings when they were worth 10 elite qualifying nights each.

Whether it is worth paying the money or not for the unnecessary stays, really depends. I would do it but some others probably would not.

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