Reader Email: Going insane with Marriott (Cannot Login & Password Reset Done 30 Times)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us an email about very serious account combine issue with Marriott & SPG that has left him without an access to either one.

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You can access Marriott’s web page for combined program here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’ve been Platinum or Gold with both Marriott and SPG for over 15 years. After the merger on the 18th I have been unable to login to my legacy Marriott Rewards account that I’ve had for 15 years. It gave an error message of:

Please correct the following and try again.We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later.

I was able to login to my legacy SPG account. That account had been converted to a new number which I could login to. I tried to merge SPG and Marriott but when entering the Marriott credentials I got the same unprocessable error message. I had been dealing with Marriott customer service since the 20th and no one could figure it out.

They have reset my password over 30 times. They did a manual merge… unfortunately they merged the SPG account (the one I could login to) into the Marriott one (that I can’t login to).

So now I can’t do anything. The last message I got was that no one knew what to do or who to contact and that maybe at some point it would start working. I have almost 1000 lifetime nights between the two, lots of points, etc. It’s unreal I can’t get anyone to help me.

Wondering if you have any advice?

This is very unfortunate situation and not an isolated one, although not as common as other account related issues that we have previously covered.

I have forwarded reader’s email to Marriott and they have told me that they will be in touch with him again.

I am sure that Marriott will eventually resolve this, although according to the reader they have not been able to do it for the past week. Until they do so, I would move my stays to other chains that have working websites and apps. I covered what could be options on my post here.


This is pretty serious error and surprised that Marriott’s customer service has not been able to resolve it for a week. You would think that at some point all these errors would start affecting the number of reservations members book?

Let’s hope that Marriott can resolve this expediently so that the member doesn’t need to start booking elsewhere.