Reader Question(s): Should I Combine (Or Not) Marriott & SPG Accounts?


Many LoyaltyLobby readers have emailed, Tweeted and send questions by Facebook about combining Marriott Rewards & SPG accounts. Should or should they not do it?

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Remember that you can always email us, send a message via Facebook or use Twitter and include photos too. We’ll try to cover Reader Questions & Comments here several times a week.

You can access Marriott’s page for combined program here.

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Here’s one question:

Should I wait for my SPG earning errors to be solved before I combine my accounts?

Another one:

Is there an article on merging your spg and Marriott accounts? I got the email today from them and wondered if there’s an advantage to keeping one over the other? Or will it just be a difference in apps?

One More:

I have a question about the SPG/Marriott merger. My accounts are separate. I’m hesitant to combine them due the the fact that I am not sure what the outcome would be.

Currently I am Platinum in SPG, and need to requalify due to stays. In Marriott I am Premier Platinum (and supposed to receive a 75% bonus on hotel spend). My thoughts are that if I combine I would be losing one of those benefits.

There is quite a bit of confusion about linking and combining Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts. Some thought that linking accounts previously would have been enough. Nope.

There really aren’t SPG accounts anymore. They are all in Marriott platform and all were issued new “SPG” numbers when the programs were merged (or SPG members moved to Marriott).

Personally, I have NOT combined my accounts yet because there are discrepancies on my SPG one. Somehow moving my account to Marriott made 10 nights disappear from my yearly tally of 71 nights so far in 2018 became 61. The history is all there but the nights are not correct and Marriott/SPG has not idea when this is fixed. If there are no issues in either of your Marriott or SPG accounts, there really shouldn’t be any reason not to consolidate them.

Marriott should, at least in theory (let’s hope that they have correctly programmed these and others), be able to count all the qualification options based on SPG brands only (25 stays to Platinum this year only versus 50 nights).

Some members have had issues combining their accounts that have left them without access to either one. I wrote about these instances yesterday (access here).

Before you combine accounts, you absolutely should take screenshot of the point and nights balances on both accounts.


I would assume that majority of account mergers have gone through just fine. I rather have a clean state and have all errors fixed before going down that road, however.

It is just bit frightening what has happened to some that have completely lost access to their accounts and Marriott Rewards customer service has been of no help.

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