Aimia Settles Aeroplan Class Action Lawsuit

Aimia today announced that it had reached an agreement to settle class action lawsuit that derived from the change that was made to the program back in 2006 when non-expiring miles suddenly would start expire (after very long period).

Aimia Aeroplan Class Action Settlement

The settlement has not yet been approved by the Superior Court of Quebec and thus the terms are unclear (how much members whose miles expired can expect to get back).

You can access the settlement website here.

Here’s the short press release from Aimia:

MONTREAL, Aug. 31, 2018 /CNW/ – Aimia (TSX: AIM) today announced it has entered into an agreement to settle the class action relating to changes made to the mileage expiry and accumulation rules of the Aeroplan program announced on October 16, 2006.

Pursuant to the proposed terms of the settlement, Aimia has agreed to deposit a set amount of Aeroplan miles into the account of eligible members. The Company’s June 30, 2018 financial statements reflect the direct costs associated with the settlement.  While the company believes its position was reasonable, reaching a settlement agreement is a positive resolution for members and stakeholders. The settlement remains subject to the approval of the Superior Court of Quebec.

Here’s notice back from 2012 about this case:

Download (PDF, 58KB)


It is interesting to see the exact terms of this settlement. Could be that only those that were members at the time back in 2006 and whose Aeroplan miles were later expired due to this change are eligible for the refund/get miles.

Let’s see if there will be class action lawsuit against IHG Rewards Club too that long advertised that its points would never expire until they suddenly started.

I had some Aeroplan miles expire at the end of last year (less than 20K). Hadn’t paid enough attention to the account and my email inbox is about to explode. Not much of a loss.

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