Marriott Rewards & SPG Platinum Premier Benefits (Over Regular Platinum)


Many readers have contemplated trying to get their nights or points up before the end of this membership year to get the Lifetime Platinum Premier status.

Platinum Premier

Marriott Rewards members can get the status by having 750 nights and 2,000,000 points earned and SPG members with 750 nights + 10 years as Platinum member. If you combined have more than 750 nights and 10 years as Platinum, the status is yours too.

You can access Marriott’s page for status benefits here.

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Here are the Platinum Premier benefits over Platinum in a nutshell:

1. 75% Bonus

Platinum Premier members are eligible for 75% bonus on base points (Platinum members get 50%)

2. Ritz-Carlton Suite Upgrades

This is hidden deep in the T&Cs but they state that Platinum Premier members are eligible for suite upgrades at Ritz-Carlton hotels (Platinum members are not).

3. United Silver

Platinum Premier members can get United Airlines MileagePlus Silver status via RewardsPlus partnership. Silver status allows members to check one bag for free, get Economy Plus seating and theoretical first class upgrade on North American itineraries.

4. Choice Benefit

This is only when you qualify based on nights (not for those that have lifetime status). Member can choose one of the gift options that can change yearly.

5. Higher Upgrade Priority?

This is not disclosed anywhere but I would assume that Platinum Premier members have higher upgrade priority to suites over Platinum members.


We have received many questions from readers regarding this Platinum Premier status because it is a new one (as published). Marriott Rewards previously had it invitation only with unpublished rolling qualification criteria.

It is really up to each individual how much they value these extra benefits over Platinum and if they can even derive any value out of them. If you don’t fly on United or already have status with them, Silver is of no use.

Then there is the unpublished 5 Stars status too that seems to be the only invitation status with Marriott Rewards and SPG at the moment. Not sure what the qualification criteria for that one is.

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