Hilton Honors Stays Not Posting To Transaction History


Hilton Honors appears to be having issues at the moment for posting stays to transaction history that has now been going on for close to two weeks.

Hilton Honors Recent History

Points are still being posted to accounts (from these stays) and other transactions are coming through to just fine. I have requested clarification from Hilton Honors what is going on and when this issue is resolved.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Note that, although these stays don’t appear in your online transaction history, the points are added to your account (based on my experience).

Emails are also coming after each stay informing on the number of points earned.


Not sure if this has something to do with the system upgrade that I wrote earlier in the year that Hilton Honors was supposed to have implemented in the fall that should speed up the stay postings (read more here).

Several readers have contacted regarding this posting issue and thought that it would be good to clarify it. I will post an update or amend this piece once I hear back from Hilton Honors.

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