Reader Question: Marriott Rewards & SPG Platinum Challenge (Has Reopened!)


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question about the Marriott Rewards & SPG Platinum Challenge that appears to have reopened for members yesterday.

Marriott Rewards & SPG Challenge 2018

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You can access the Marriott page here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m a Marriott Sliver member who are waiting for the gold/platinum challenge since they close the application.

Yesterday, I finally got notices that Marriott has reopened his platinum challenge. The new platinum challenge need 16 nights within three months to get platinum elite status. So I was trying to apply the challenge over the phone, but the agent told me that only gold member can do the platinum challenge. I tried several times but get same answers.

Today, I have heard that SPG also offer exact same challenge as Marriott does.

I am using the same Marriott rewards number and get the application done over the phone with SPG agent. I double checked terms and conditions of this promotion with the agent. I have been told that even I just registered an new account, i would still able to apply this platinum challenge.

So, I went back and called Marriott again regard this challenge, they said they do not see any promotions under my account. It is really confused since SPG agent said he has already registered this promotion for me. However, I have to confirm it with Marriott since it is a Marriott rewards number. I really have no idea which side I should trust right now.

Therefore, my question is why SPG and Marriott reopened platinum challenge with different requirements (They look like same but keep the way how they dealt with challenge on each side before). I believer there is some sort of mismanagement between SPG and Marriott at this moment, not only the technical l issues but the policy.

Will you help me to find an answer please?

This certainly is very confusing!

It is true that usually with Marriott Rewards you could usually do a challenge only for one level up in status that you have. With SPG, however, you could start from zero without having any status with the program or any other chain and get Platinum status by completing the number of nights that they required.

Here’s what I would do:

1. Get the requirements in writing from the SPG what the challenge requirements are.

SPG used to email the challenge confirmation with the requirements. They also had website up for this with all the information clearly spelled out, that is now disabled.

They also communicated the requirements over the phone to the reader but unfortunately unless there is a recording of the call it is very difficult afterwards to follow up what was said by the SPG representative.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Marriott Rewards and SPG would be using systems that are not completely real time and thus Marriott is not seeing what SPG has signed the reader up for.


Great to know that Marriott Rewards is again offering Platinum challenges, although I tend to prefer STAY based over NIGHTS (easier to complete fast).

Would be great to hear if other readers have successfully sign up for the challenges this week with either Marriott Rewards or the SPG side of the program (should be same but different phone numbers and banks of agents).