Reader Feedback Required: Website & Mobile Refresh


I cannot believe that it has already been four years since we had a website and mobile refresh. So we would like to get feedback from our readers on what you would like to see change (or not change) for our next makeover.

Website & Mobile Update

LoyaltyLobby, like most of blogs (I despise that word), runs on WordPress and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of themes that can be applied and customized over top of it.

Last year (roughly a year ago), we moved the website to AWS (Amazon Web Services) from a dedicated server and it has been rather smooth ride ever since. Our hosting bill went up significantly though.

So, we would like to hear from readers what mobile and desktop formats they find working well? Those sites don’t have to be in the travel sphere at all.


One of the major areas we feel a need to enhance the reader experience is on mobile.  Mobile traffic has taken over the website as the dominant access method, and the experience is not what it should be.

Our design principle (as you can clearly see here) is not form over function. I don’t believe breaking something that works but we do need to do an update this fall. Not looking for bling but having a modern and working “skin” that works well for our readers.

Any input is appreciated!  You can leave a comment below or drop me an email.

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