SPG Account Update: Gained 10 Nights For 2018 & Lost 50 Lifetime Nights


Marriott Rewards has been in disarray since moving SPG accounts to Marriott’s platform close to three weeks ago on Saturday. Some members have been locked out from their accounts, lifetime and yearly counts have been wrong and stay history for 2018 has been gone among other things.

SPG Starwood Preferred Guest

Seems that Marriott Rewards has applied patch and has corrected the lifetime and 2018 consumed nights count for SPG members overnight. There are still, however, stays/nights missing at least from my stay history that were consumed after August 18th.

You can access Marriott’s web page here.

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Lifetime Nights Down By 50

SPG Lifetime Status

SPG to Marriott platform move elevated my lifetime nights by 50. Now they are back to 760.

2018 Nights Up By 10

SPG 2018 Status

The 2018 nights are now up by 10. There is still night or two missing that were consumed after August 18. None of these have been posted to the transaction history but some points have been added.

2018 SPG Status Before Marriott

This was the SPG status screenshot take on August 17th.


By all counts, the move of SPG account to Marriott Rewards platform has been an amateur hour and was done when the technical platform was not ready due to business reasons. Why otherwise we are still fixing basic issues three weeks later that should have been correct on the day one?

It was hilarious that my Ambassador was trying to get me to combine my accounts yesterday and I said that I wouldn’t do it before all the issues were resolved. She claimed that combining accounts would have expedited fixing this 2018 night issue. Nothing but lies (probably someone told her to tell).

Let’s see if they can get all the other issues resolved before the end of 2018….