American Airlines: Passengers On Hawaii Bound Flight Told To Urinate Into Bags & Bottles Due To Clogged Toilet


A nasty surprise was waiting for passengers on an American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Hawaii as some passenger had flushed a diaper down the toilet, rendering it inoperative.

As a consequence the flight attendants asked passengers to urinate into bottles (men) and bags (women) which were then disposed into the regular trash.

It should be well known and in fact a label is attached in each airplane lavatory that no foreign objects are supposed to be flushed down the toilet. Apparently even this clear rule is too much for some people to comprehend as can be seen in this case.

WPXI (access here) reported that several passengers were outraged when the flight attendant prompted them to urinate in containers as the toilet was overflowing.

What was supposed to be a flight to paradise turned into a smelly debacle when a problem arose with a plane’s restrooms.

A woman aboard an American Airlines flight to Kona, Hawaii, from Phoenix says when the plane’s toilets began to overflow, passengers were asked to urinate in plastic bags and bottles.

Passenger:”What do you mean I have to pee in a bag?”
Flight Attendent: (inaudible) “.. and put in the trash. They can’t take anymore. They are overflowing. This one has like this much left.”
Passenger: “Ok….”
Flight Attendant: “That’s what this bag is. I know it’s horrible. Guys are going in a bottle.”

American Airlines confirmed there were issues on the flight. However, the airline says the plane took off with working bathrooms.

It was later discovered a diaper had been flushed down one of the toilets, causing the problems.

There is also the following video I found on YouTube featuring part of the conversation that took place.

Not exactly how you like your trip to Hawaii to start but very little choice given the behavior of at least one parent on this flight. Dumb! The passengers gripe shouldn’t be with the flight attendant but rather the person who clogged the toilet. At that point the reason for the defect wasn’t known yet otherwise I can imagine it would be not too hard to identify the culprit.


Passengers should really pay attention and apply some common sense before throwing items into the toilet. Nobody in a right state of mind would flush a diaper down the toilet at home so why would you even consider doing this on board an aircraft of all places?

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