The Telegraph: “What’s wrong with British Airways? Everything and nothing” (By Richard Quest)


CNN International Quest Means Business-anchor Richard Quest has column on today’s Telegraph about an airline that people love to hate – British Airlines.

British Airways

BA turns 100 years old next year and has very glorious past. It makes you wonder what has happened in the past decade or so? The airline was very innovative with its current business class seat when it was launched more than 20 years go. It is, however, very dated now.

You can access the Telegraph article here of which below is an excerpt:

British Airways is still one of the world’s great airlines. The problem is, it’s not as great as it once was and could be again.

It does not have the bling or largesse of Emirates or Qatar (ironically one of its major shareholders); it doesn’t have the clean purposeful crispness of Lufthansa; the uber-perfectionist mentality of Singapore Airlines, nor the profitability of the US carriers, which have been able to spend to improve both reputation and product.

For the passenger it seems every BA flight ends with ‘it was a good flight, except for…’ For those exceptions you can choose from the following: the delays, the state of the aircraft, the lack of decent food, the treatment at the hands of nonchalant staff, the delayed baggage, and more. One thing never seems to go quite as it should. Today’s BA does not feel different from its competitors, but it has led commentators to constantly ask, ‘what’s gone wrong at BA?’

The truth is everything and nothing.


It is a very good piece about British Airways and worth a read if you can get around the Telegraph’s paywall.

I always have very mixed feelings when flying on BA. I am GGL member and on my way to lifetime Gold (Oneworld Emerald) but do most of the flying on other alliance airlines.

I like on-demand dining (BA doesn’t offer), all aisle access (BA has only in F), I like to get some work done on longer flights and thus need in-flight WiFi (BA has only on very few aircraft installed) and there definitely is an experience gap between Worldwide and Mixed Fleet crews.

Many hate Heathrow but I have got used to terminals 3 and 5. The only issue I have is with the security screening and the see through plastic bag for liquids that they are very anal about.

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