The Leading Hotels Of The World Leaders Club Moving To Points Based System On September 26, 2018

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The Leading Hotels of The World is a soft brand for 375 hotels around the world that use paid Leaders Club as their loyalty program.

Leading Hotels Of The World Leaders Club

Sebastian wrote back in June (access here) about changes coming to the program that were not communicated at the time. Now, Leaders Club has made some of these public such as moving away from granting a free night for every five stays and rather requiring minimum of $4,000 in spend (4,000 points) effective September 26, 2018.

You can access Leaders Club website here.

Here’s information LHW has released so far:


Leading Hotels Of The World Leaders Club Timeline


Now you can “request” upgrades that may or may not clear. You earn Leaders Club points based on your spend instead of earning free nights certificates based on number of stays. You can redeem online instead of having to contact customer service center.


It takes MINIMUM of $4,000 in spend to redeem for a free night with Leaders Club. It is unclear if sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of points required and what is the maximum retail value of this 4K points room.

Unlimited Members

This is the membership that cost in $1,200 (not sure how much it cost under the “enhanced” program).

Unlimited members are losing the free night for every four stays, free airport transfers and Priority Pass. Not sure what is left of the value?


What is the value of this Leaders Club program considering that most of these hotels must be available via FHR, Virtuoso or other booking venue that offers upgrades, breakfasts and online property credits and you don’t have to pay $175 for the privilege (the new fee to join)?

I can see value for someone that stays a lot at at very expensive Leading Hotels of the World affiliated properties but for occasional travelers having to pay $175 to collect points that will likely never be redeemed is just waste of time and money.