Air New Zealand Offers ‘Touch of Gold’ STATUS MATCH From Competing Programs To AUS/NZ Residents

Air New Zealand Airpoints has started a Status Match campaign to members of competing airlines whose account address is in Australia or New Zealand.

Approved customers will receive 6 months Airpoints Gold (Star Alliance Gold) status upfront and a reduced requirement of 50% less points for re-qualification during this period.

The only requirement for the promotion is that the members account address must be in New Zealand or Australia and the original status can not be of any Star Alliance airline or Cathay Pacific.

You can access the Touch Of Gold promotion on the Air New Zealand website here.

Members who want to initate a status match have to follow the outlined process:

Send an email to the promotional inbox with the following details:

  • Your Air New Zealand Airpoints membership number (make sure you sign before the request as you need to submit this number up and have a mailing address in Australia / New Zealand on file. This can be a friends or hotel address whatever you choose but keep in mind they will send a membership package there so better use an address where you can actually receive it.
  • A legible scan of the current status card you intend to match from, ideally showing an expiry date.
  • Account statements are optional though would probably improve your case.

Customers accepted into the Touch of Gold promotion will be eligible to receive Airpoints Gold status at the end of their Touch of Gold trial as follows:

  1. The Status Point balance in the respective Airpoints account will be topped up as at the date of acceptance into the Touch of Gold promotion to 450 Status Points (these are non-flight Status Points). Any customers with an existing Status Points balance will receive such additional Status Points as are required to bring that member’s Status Points balance to 450. Any Status Points expiring during the Touch of Gold trial will not be counted.
  2. Customers must have earned an additional 450 Status Points during the Touch of Gold trial through travel on Air New Zealand, Star Alliance and Qualifying Partner Airline flights, booked in eligible booking classes.
  3. Air New Zealand will review the customer’s Status Points balance at the end of the Touch of Gold trial. If the customer has earned the additional 450 Status Points, to have a total balance of 900 Status Points, that customer will receive Airpoints Gold status for the following 12 months. Information about the Airpoints Gold benefits are set out here
  4. If the customer does not earn the additional 450 Status Points during the Touch of Gold trial, or if they do not have a balance of 900 Status Points when the account is reviewed, the customer will be downgraded to Airpoints Nominated Silver status. No silver card or pack will be produced for nominated status. Nominated Silver members receive all Silver Airpoints membership benefits excluding the Recognition Upgrade.
  5. Upgrade to Airpoints Gold or downgrade to Airpoints Nominated Silver status will take effect on the first day of the month following the member’s review.

The wording of this promotion is clear and hence I recommend members who apply for this match to have their docs in a row. Information on benefits of Airpoints Gold can be found here.


This is one of the rare status match opportunities that have been around this year. It certainly makes sense to take advantage of it if one can manage the address requirement even though I don’t think that Air NZ Airpoints is a very worthwhile program both on the earning or redemption side.

Once they send you the card you may use that one for priority services on the ground such as lounge access but you can still collect with a different program.

These are the Terms & Conditions of this promotion per the reference linked above :


Applications for the Touch of Gold promotion is open to Airpoints™ members who:

live in New Zealand or Australia as shown by the member’s residential address as listed in their Airpoints membership; and

hold current Gold or higher status with another airline.
Applications submitted using a Gold or higher frequent flyer status with a Star Alliance airline™ or Cathay Pacific frequent flyer programme are ineligible for the Touch of Gold promotion.

Touch of Gold six-month trial membership is offered in limited numbers, and may be withdrawn at any time without notification.

Customers accepted into the Touch of Gold promotion will not receive an Airpoints membership card, bag tags or welcome pack.

Participants must download the digital card through the Air New Zealand app and ensure they enter their Airpoints number into all eligible bookings in order to receive their Touch of Gold benefits.

Touch of Gold benefits will apply for six months from the date of acceptance into the Touch of Gold promotion. The Touch of Gold trial membership includes the following benefits: Lounge access, two short haul recognition upgrades, access to OneUp upgrades, complimentary frequent flyer seating, baggage privileges and priority travel benefits, as further detailed at Touch of Gold Benefits.

All other benefits referred to as Gold Benefits are not available to the Touch of Gold trial membership.

Information on benefits specific to this promotion is found here

Confirmation on whether application for promotion has been successful or declined will be emailed to the member within 10 business days of the application email being received by Air New Zealand.

Acceptance is at our sole discretion and no correspondence will be entered into.


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