Marriott Rewards Pulling A Fast One With SPG Best Rate Guarantee Claims


SPG had a very good Best Rate Guarantee program that was “enhanced” on May 25, 2018 to match that of Marriott’s (read more here).

Marriott Rewards BRG Screw

Now, Marriott has made a decision that it won’t honor the number of Starpoints awarded for successful claims processed on/or before August 18, 2018 based on the responses we have received from readers.

You can access Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee page here.

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Here’s the claim that a reader filed:


Here’s the first reply:

Marriott Rewards BRG

And here’s from a supervisor:

Marriott Rewards BRG Reply

The correct number of Marriott Rewards points would have been 6,000.


Marriott cannot change the T&Cs retroactively. These claims that were processed before before August 18th were promised 2,000 Starpoints that converts to 6,000 Marriott Rewards.

It is juts unbelievable how stubbornly Marriott is behaving here and trying to pull up a fast on SPG members.

SPG members who don’t get the promised number of points should file a complaint with government consumer protection unit of the jurisdiction where they are living against Marriott International. Perhaps their behavior changes once the complaints starts coming in.