Whine Wednesdays: Hotel FX Scam Between Booked Versus Charged Currency Case Hilton Buenos Aires


This week Whine Wednesdays revisits the scam that many hotels participate when their booking currency is different than the charged one.

Whine Wednesday Hotel FX Scam

Many hotels and countries have moved away from this practice and you can make the booking on the official currency of the country. There are still places such as Argentina, however, where hotel prices are displayed in USD.

You can access Hilton Buenos Aires website here.

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Whine Wednesday Hotel FX Scam Difference

So, when I was checking out from the Hilton Buenos Aires (hadn’t stayed there for few years and wanted to revisit the hotel), I noticed that they tried to charge me extra 5.6%.

Heard all the excuses on the planet for the difference and told that I don’t blame the lady for the wrong FX rate used but the hotel’s finance department. She called someone and the folio was adjusted down by 384 ARS.


If the FX difference is around 2% or less, it is fine. But if it is more, I do request them to fix the folio for the correct amount.

The worst FX scam was 10% at the Ritz-Carlton Jakarta back in 2013 and wrote about it at the time (read more here).

Can you guess if this FX spread has ever been beneficial for me? Not even once! It is easy way for the hotel to squeeze extra 2% to 3% (usually) from their guest by unethically using a fake rate. I am surprised that the hotel chains are not requiring hotels to use live rates.