Ryanair Cabin Crew In Five Countries To Strike On September 28, 2018

Ryanair has faced unprecedented number of strikes over the past few months including one in Germany this past Wednesday. Employees are demanding higher pay, better working conditions and to be hired directly with the airline.


Cabin crew members from five countries announced yesterday that they will held a 24-hour strike on September 28, 2018. The affected bases are Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium

You can access Ryanair here.

Here’s an excerpt from RTE (access their piece here):

It said that following previous strikes, Ryanair is now writing “intimidating” letters to anyone that exercised their right to strike, threatening job losses and base closures.

They say they will not back down until their demands – local law governing their contracts, local contracts and local standards – are met.

It said it expects that even if there is a limited cabin crew strike on 28 September, the “vast majority” of cabin crew across Europe will work as normal.

It noted that despite yesterday’s strike by some German pilots and cabin crew, over 70% of staff worked normally, and only 150 out of 400 flights were cancelled.


Ryanair has used very creative employment practices for years with its cabin and cockpit crew. Many of them are not “directly” hired by the airline but rather through third party intermediary that is uncommon with European airlines.

Surely most of Ryanair’s flights will operate as scheduled on September 28, 2018, but they will have hundreds of cancellations due to the strike.