Reader Question: Should I Convert Marriott Rewards Points To Aeroplan During The Promotion?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question regarding the current Marriott/SPG points to Aeroplan conversion promotion (read more here) that ends on September 17, 2018

Air Canada Aeroplan Marriott Rewards & SPG Conversion Promotion

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You can access Marriott’s page for points to airline miles conversions here.

Here’s the email from the reader:

I live in the Toronto area and now fly about 15 tines a year mostly with AC… Florida or to NYC or YUL.

Is it still a good deal to transfer points to Aeroplan….say 150,000 Marriott points.

When we use points for hotel stays, there are rarely fees or taxes….but we get slammed with very high Air Canada fees and tax.

And FX is not in play when using points for USA hotel stays

….any comments?

Just because there is a conversion promotion going on doesn’t mean that it makes sense.

It really depends how much the paid airfares would be, how much the reader would save using miles instead of using cash and if using Aeroplan miles would be the right choice or if the points are better used for free hotel nights.

If the reader decides to go the points to miles route, he should convert 120,000 Marriott points:

60,000 points = 20,000 Aeroplan Miles

+ 5,000 bonus miles from Marriott

+ 8,750 miles (35% bonus)

= 33,750 Aeroplan Miles

that would become 67,500 Aeroplan miles under this promotion.

The question then becomes how much value the reader can get out from 67,500 Aeroplan miles instead of 120,000 Marriott Rewards points?


There is never an easy answer for a question like this. It depends how one uses airline miles versus hotel points.

Generally, the best use of hotel points is to use them for free hotel nights. There are some exceptions to this when there are promotions from airlines for conversion.

Many overvalue their miles and hotel points too. They redeem for international business or first class flight and then have a look how much it would have cost in cash (never ever would have paid this price) and base their valuation on this. Completely wrong! Same with with the hotel points.

It is up to the reader to do his homework and see whether Aeroplan miles work better for him than Marriott Rewards points used for free hotel nights.

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