Reader Email: SPG/Marriott Merger Problems Rant!


A LoyaltyLobby sent us an email about issues that he is still facing month after Marriott and SPG programs were merged (SPG members moved to Marriott platform).

SPG All Together Now

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Here’s the email from the reader:

This merger is just awful in so many ways! I don’t even know where to begin…… I was a loyal SPG member, I haven’t merged my accounts as of yet and can’t believe all the problems that still exist – I’m too scared to merge.

I have stays missing, points missing, my number of nights is incorrect on my account and I feel like I am doing all the work to ensure I don’t miss nothing and keep everything in order.

I recently had a Marriott stay – the stay was actually great. 14 days later and still nothing posted – I sent in my email about a missing stay (actually two emails) and attached my hotel receipt plus my printed reservation. Nothing!

I called Marriott and she said it’s weird because she has no record of me sending it in although I offered to give her the reply confirmation number but she didn’t even want it? Nonetheless, I gave all the information and she said the points will be posted and my nights will be adjusted.

Points got posted and have no idea if they are correct? Nothing has changed on my activity status to actually show the stay or even a points transaction and my nights have not changed! I call back and this time they tell me the correct number of nights and that it “should” update sometime.

I log into my Marriott account and I see it shows the correct nights now………..I log out and log back in and now the nights are gone!! WTH! I have never been so frustrated.

My new SPG account seemed to be working fine until checking out of a hotel on Thursday. It looks like the points posted and the night was added but again shows absolutely no activity on my account overview.

Btw… I chose Green Choice at the Marriott stay and of course lost those points.

An absolute disgrace as to what Marriott is doing – I am only one voice and just need to vent but man it would be nice if literally everyone could get together and simply boycott Marriott to send them a clear message!!!

There is an issue getting stays posted and being displayed on member accounts. Sometimes the points and nights are added to the totals but not displayed on the brekdown.

I still have a stay from June for two rooms that hasn’t been posted (neither points or nights) to my Marriott Rewards account that I have chased twice. Marriott Rewards customer service can see it on their internal system but issue still hasn’t been fixed.


I am still shaking my head in disbelief that Marriott Rewards leadership allowed this account merger to go ahead when they were grossly ill-prepared from the IT perspective.

They are annoying their most frequent guests with all the account stuff that is not working and especially those coming from the SPG side that they are supposedly  trying to hold on to and not drive away to competitors (at least that I thought to be their plan?).

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