Singapore Airlines Pilot Fails Random Blood Alcohol Test In Australia

Singapore Airlines was forced to cancel Melbourne – Wellington – Melbourne SQ247/248 rotation on Saturday when captain failed random blood alcohol test that was performed to the crew.

Singapore Airlines F

The allowed blood alcohol level for pilots in Australia is 0.02 and zero for cannabis or other drugs. The “bottle to throttle” rule is eight hours (cannot consume any alcohol within eight hours of the flight).

Here’s an excerpt from the Australian (access their piece here):

A Singapore Airlines pilot is facing the loss of his career after he failed a random blood alcohol test in Melbourne on Saturday and was deemed unfit to fly.

The test result caused the cancellation of flight SQ247 from Melbourne to Wellington, and the return flight SQ248.

Another Boeing 777 pilot was sourced for the next day’s flight from Wellington to Singapore.

It is understood the original pilot had been in Melbourne for a couple of days prior to the flight to Wellington on Saturday.


The passengers were apparently told that the pilot was “sick” according to Australian media not that he had consumed too many drinks.

These alcohol related incidents are rare considering how many commercial flights there are every day. It, however, makes you wonder how many cockpit crew members getaway flying under the influence daily?

Usually, incident such as this means the end of the pilot career.

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