UPDATE: Marriott Rewards & SPG Loyalty Program Information Pocket Guide (Great For Elites!) – Now In PDF


Marriott & SPG merged their loyalty programs on August 18, 2018, and it has been very difficult for many to know what their elite benefits are at all of the 28 different brands.

Marriott Rewards & SPG Loyalty Program Elite Benefits Pocket Guide

Marriott produced very handy Elite Benefits Pocket Guide for property use that a LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded to us and we published last week (read more here). Many readers asked us to make this available as downloadable PDF. You can use this to clear up any “misunderstandings” that Marriott or legacy Starwood branded hotels may have. 

You can access Marriott Rewards here.

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Here’s the PDF version:

Download (PDF, 4.76MB)

Here are the brand abbreviations:

Marriott Rewards & SPG Loyalty Program Elite Benefits Pocket Guide Hotel Brand Abbreviations

Here’s the guide:



It would be great if Marriott Rewards had produced something similar for program members as well because nobody is going to read through (and comprehend) 57 pages of Terms & Conditions.

We have tried our very best here in LoyaltyLobby to keep our readers updated about the ins and outs of the merged program including the benefits such as the breakfast and lounges access (read more here). Something that should be easy has been been made extremely complicated.