Marriott & SPG Ambassadors Moving From 200 To 300 Clients?


SPG launched their Ambassador program unofficially years ago and invited few select guests based mostly on their revenue contribution (and some early influencers).

SPG Ambassador

SPG then made the program official back in 2012 and members who had consumed minimum of 100 nights in 2011 were invited into it (myself included). Next year, Marriott requires $20K spend in addition to 100 nights for the “personalized” ambassador service.

You can access Marriott’s page for membership benefits here.

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Seems that these “Ambassadors” are able to provide even less personalized service in the future based on what they are telling to their clients:

2) they said they currently support about 200 ambassadors but that is increasing to 300, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Marriott Ambassador had told this information to a reader that emailed it to me with some other information earlier today. I would assume that this same applies to SPG ones (likely all merged later this year – currently not able to help with Marriott – SPG issues or vice versa).


What kind of personalized service an Ambassador is able to provide if they have less than 8 minutes per client each week? They are supposed to be one stop shop for all Marriott/SPG related issues (and failing at the moment like the entire operation).

I believe that the SPG Ambassador program was able to provide personalized service and get hotels honor guest requests when it first started. But if these Ambassador are not even allowed to call hotels anymore, how they are supposed to get anything done?

They cannot even get missing stays posted or add amenity points for stays that are missing them based on my most recent communication. What is the point?