Copa 737 MAX 9 Launch (Finally Flatbeds In Business)


Copa Airlines yesterday held an event in Panama to launch their Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft that will feature flat beds on their business class (instead of those recliners).

Copa Max

Copa flies using single aisle aircraft from their hub in the Panama City to destinations in North, Central and South America including the Caribbean.

You can access Copa here.

Here’s info sheet that Copa has released:

Copa Max9

Photo of the business class:

Copa Max9 Business

Routesonline has published list of destinations served by MAX (access here):

  • Panama City – Bogota 03OCT18

  • Panama City – Boston 21DEC18

  • Panama City – Cancun 10DEC18

  • Panama City – Cartagena 03OCT18

  • Panama City – Cordoba 08DEC18

  • Panama City – Havana 06DEC18

  • Panama City – Las Vegas 29DEC18

  • Panama City – Los Angeles 22SEP18

  • Panama City – Managua 22DEC18

  • Panama City – Miami 20SEP18

  • Panama City – New York JFK 05NOV18

  • Panama City – Orlando 03NOV18

  • Panama City – Punta Cana 29DEC18

  • Panama City – San Francisco 21SEP18

  • Panama City – San Jose (Costa Rica) 06OCT18

  • Panama City – San Pedro Sula 01DEC18

  • Panama City – Santa Cruz 10DEC18

  • Panama City – Santiago de Chile 06DEC18

  • Panama City – Tampa 20SEP18


You have to keep in mind that equipment is never guaranteed with an airline. There will be aircraft substitution last minute with recliners instead of flatbeds for sure and many unhappy fliers as a result.

Once they have enough 737 MAX 9’s on their fleet, the airline can again be more reasonable choice for flights between North and South America, although I much prefer one overnight flight rather than two shorter ones with a transit in Panama with less than stellar facilities.