No F’s Given: Cathay Pacific Jet Rolls Out With A Brand New Paint Job… And A Missing Letter!


Cathay Pacific just suffered an embarrassing and costly spelling error that was discovered when one of their jets was out of the shop, sitting on the tarmac and people noticed something odd about the livery.

The iconic livery of Cathay Pacific was missing the F, reading “CATHAY PACIIC” and causing smiles all around, except maybe with the engineers who did the paint job and maintenance management.

While this is definitely quite funny, for the airline it means several thousand dollars in losses for a new paint job and even more due to the additional ground time of the aircraft.

Cathay’s Twitter team meanwhile took it with some humor:

The engineers who usually handle these sort of things, including Cathay Pacific’s partner HAECO were baffled about such a mistake as an interview in the South China Morning Post revealed.

On Wednesday morning, photos emerged of a plane for the Hong Kong carrier, with its distinctive green livery missing an “F”. …

Shown the typo, an engineer for Haeco, a sister company of the airline, was baffled by how such a mistake could have happened.

“The spacing is too on-point for a mishap. We have stencils. Should be a blank gap in between letters if it was a real mistake I think,” the engineer said.

The error was likely to be expensive, costing several thousand dollars to fix. It was unclear whether a Cathay Pacific engineer or someone from Haeco was to blame.

The aircraft in question is a Boeing 773 with the registration B-HNO (see here).


I’m certainly making my typos here and there but thankfully I’m not responsible for painting planes. It’s one thing to correct it with a keystroke, another to send a large jet back to the shop and getting a beat down from management over the damages caused.

Considering all maintenance work on an aircraft is meticulously kept on record it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out who did this even though it really won’t make any difference as it’s an accident and I think any of us at some point in our lives made a ridiculously, stupid mistake at work. This one goes on the wall though!

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