One Month After Marriott Rewards & SPG Merger Blunder (Report Outstanding Issues)


It is now one month after Marriott Rewards and SPG programs were merged (or SPG program was moved to Marriott platform) on August 18, 2018.

Starwood & Marriott Merger Disaster

The program merger was supposed to happen at the end of 2018, then at the beginning of August and then they finally settled for August 18, 2018 when their IT system was not ready.

Note that many of these issues affect members that used SPG as their program because those accounts were integrated into Marriott platform.

Here are the merger related articles we have posted since August 18:

What are the outstanding issues right now (remember to report yours!)?

– Marriott and SPG reps cannot help with each others reservations (Marriott and SPG systems are still separate)

– Points from canceled award reservations are sometimes left in limbo

– Stays may post to points/nights totals but not to history itself promptly

– Lifetime status still incorrect

– Emails/Tweets/messages are not answered

– Forms bounce back because Marriott’s email inbox full

– Some members unable to sign up for the new promotion

– Email confirmations not coming through for reservations & cancellations

– Long wait times for phone agents (North American Numbers

– Website sometime claims that no hotels available when there are


The communication from Marriott to members during this four week period has been abysmal mainly claiming that everything is working perfectly when this couldn’t been further from the truth.

I am still astonished that they pushed this account merger through when they must have known that their IT implementation was not ready for the task. It has been an amateur hour and surprised that heads hasn’t rolled yet.

I wished (I really did) that this implementation would had gone through smoothly. There is no excuse from the IT standpoint for the mess they are still in one month after moving the accounts to the Marriott platform beyond being woefully unprepared and incompetent.

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