Fabulous Fridays: Hotels that Give You a Choice between Breakfast, Brunch, Room Service or Take Out (case ANA Crowne Plaza Kyoto)


We all have been there. There is always one day you do not want to get out of bed for breakfast, especially when late nights are involved. However, when you are at a hotel (and especially if you prepaid for it), most of the time you end up schlepping yourself to the breakfast room.

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When this breakfast lazyness has happened to me, I’ve always wished the hotel would serve breakfastat at least until noon, but the ANA Crowne Plaza Kyoto has come up with a better idea: they’d let you exchange your breakfast for brunch, or room service!

You can access ANA Crown Plaza Kyoto website here.

I checked out today from ANA Crowne Plaza Kyoto (good stay by the way, they have renovated their rooms -they were in dire need of a refreshment- and I will be writing a review soon). I was more than pleasantly surprised when at check in the front desk agent explained to me that I could exchange my breakfast for brunch, a take out menu or even room service!

This is the flyer I was given at check in with the breakfast exchange options:

As you can see, the hotel offers several options for exchanging your breakfast: two options of room service, brunch options in all restaurants at the property, and even a takeout breakfast box! Notice that although the room service and take out box are paid options, there is the possibility to exchange them for your breakfast if reserved in advance.


I think this is a brilliant idea! I wish more hotels would offer extra options for their customers once the breakfast hours close (especially when I am on vacation on beachy destinations with late night entertainment).

This is the first time I have come across these kind of offerings. Do you know any other hotel that would offer something similar? Comment away!

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