Reader Question: SPG/Marriott Merger – Still Don’t Have Correct Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite Status?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about the missing Platinum Premier Elite Lifetime status that she should have received by now and less than helpful replies received from the customer care.

Reader Question SPG Marriott Merger - Still Don’t Have Correct Lifetime Platinum Premier Elite Status

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You can access Marriott’s page for combined program here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I’m emailing after 33 days of trying to get help from SPG platinum desk.

The situation is as follows:

1. 14 years as SPG platinum

2. Had 890 nights [marriott stole 11 late last Friday night] but still have 879 nights

Thus, i should have been immediately classified as lifetime platinum premier elite but only listed as lifetime platinum.

There have been numerous phone calls to SPG platinum desk [even with supervisors] but no help. At least, after 3 weeks of being AWOL, my upcoming reservations reappeared [so some success].

Do you have any advise to whom i should address my emails about these problems ??

Lastly, happily, i got my Hilton diamond back so i should be ok but having been with Sheraton then SPG most of my career on the work road, i was hoping for better.

Marriott first wasn’t going to make this Platinum Premier lifetime status available for SPG members even if they had meet the same requirements as Marriott’s own elites. After SPG members revolted, they relented and those that have 10 years as SPG Platinum and 750 lifetime nights are eligible for it too.

Marriott Rewards members that have fulfilled the requirements have been (at least mostly) upgraded to this level already. SPG members, however, are only upgraded at the end of 2018/early 2019. They won’t upgrade accounts now or when members meet the requirements.


I am in the same boat as the reader. I have qualified for the Lifetime Platinum Premier status on my SPG account. The status is still shown, however, as Platinum. I am not expecting this to change before sometime early 2019 per information Marriott has released.

Some may argue why this is so important? Well. This Lifetime Platinum Premier is only awarded this year. Going forward the Platinum status is the highest lifetime one available from the program. I am sure that many readers want to be 100% sure that they have fulfilled all the qualification criteria.