All Flights Canceled Due To General Strike In Argentina On September 25, 2018

It seems to be impossible fly to/from/inside Argentina on Tuesday (September 25, 2018) due to general strike that will completely paralyze the aviation sector.

Argentina Buenos Aires

Most of the airlines have already canceled their flights scheduled for tomorrow and some may have been brought forward tonight.

Some flight cancellations for tomorrow:

EZE Cancellations


Theses general strikes are geared against the agreement that the president of Argentina signed with the IMF to get $50 billion bailout package to save the economy.

The value of the local peso (ARS) has devalued 50% in just over a month against USD like a reported from Buenos Aires two weeks ago and close to 100% over a year.

The general strike actually lasts for 36 hours but seems that the airport workers are only participating 24 hours of it (the entire Tuesday).

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