Reader Question: Combining Marriott Rewards/SPG Accounts – Which Way To Go?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent us a question by email about combining Marriott Rewards/SPG accounts and which account he should choose to retain.

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You can access Marriott’s page for combined program here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I have been lifetime platinum with Starwood since 2016. According to the website, I have a 689 lifetime stays. I also have 86 stays with Marriott.

I can qualify for lifetime platinum premier elite by combining my two accounts since it will give me the 750 nights and I already have the 10 years platinum with Starwood. My question to you is should I combine my Starwood account into the Marriott rewards program or vice versa? The websites seem to suggest that I can go either way. I’m not sure of which is better. I Initially planned to combine the Starwood account into the Marriott account as prior to August 18, both my mine and my wife’s name appeared on the Marriott Rewards account. Lately, however, only my name seems to be there.
It would Be great if we could both have the lifetime status since we occasionally travel independently.

Any thoughts on which way I should go? I will need to do this before the end of the year to get the upgraded lifetime platinum status.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions. I’m sure there are others who have come across this also

As the reader already have lifetime Platinum status with SPG, there is no question that he has 10 years of Platinum status (requirement for the lifetime status).

There is no SPG status anymore. It is merely a flag in your Marriott Rewards account to show SPG branding online.

The reader could choose to merger Marriott Rewards into SPG or vice versa. It really doesn’t make a difference.

Marriott Rewards/SPG account are individual. You can, however, add someone as a second guest to your reservation when you travel together (and perhaps even when not). You cannot expect/guarantee to receive elite benefits, night credit or points if the account holder doesn’t check in too (sometime they may).


There is no way officially to share a Marriott Rewards/SPG account. You can add someone as a second guest but this won’t work at hotels that are on the “ball” and it may also put your account at risk if the property reports it for unintended use.

There shouldn’t be any difference which way the reader combines the accounts. They are already on the Marriott Rewards platform anyway. There have been recent reports, however, that the status have been entire dropped for stays at SPG legacy properties (read more here).

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