Marriott Rewards Terms & Conditions Update September 26, 2018


Marriott Rewards has updated the Terms & Conditions governing its loyalty program effective September 26, 2018.

Marriott Rewards Travel Packages

There are only two minor changes this time affecting points to miles conversions.

You can access Marriott’s page for these points to airline conversions here.

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Here are the changes:

1. Points To Airline Miles Express Conversions Discontinued

Marriott Rewards members have been able to convert points to airline miles and pay a fee to expedite this service. This has now been discontinued and the conversions can take up to six weeks per the T&Cs.

My own experience with Marriott Rewards to American Airlines and United Airlines conversions is that they have never taken more than few days (always less than a week).

2. No Travel Package To Airline Miles Conversion Bonuses

Airlines have sometimes offered bonuses from conversions from hotel points to airline miles that most of the time explicitly exclude these travel package conversions. Now Marriott has added the following wording to the T&Cs:

and (3) Travel Packages are excluded from airline partner conversion bonus campaigns


Both American Airlines and United Airlines have explicitly run campaigns in the past where Travel Package conversions have been eligible for bonuses. Now these are explicitly excluded per the Marriott T&Cs.

Seems that they really want to discourage this type of award redemptions taking place that must cost them significant amount of money, although they don’t make much sense after the August 18 devaluation.

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