Reader Question: St. Regis Massage “Therapist” Offered Happy Ending – What Should Do?


A friend of mine tagged me on to a post on Facebook where he was contemplating what he should do after he was offered a “happy ending” at St. Regis hotel in China during a massage.

St Regis China Happy Ending

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Note that this didn’t happen at the St Regis hotel in Macau from where the featured photo is from.

Here’s the question from a friend:

Currently staying at the St Regis REMOVED and was asked by the Iridium spa girl if I wanted a “happy ending”. I was so shock I could not enjoy my massage.

I don’t want to say anything because I don’t want her fired for something Chinese business expect . What should I do?

Note that I removed the name of the St. Regis hotel because friend of mine doesn’t want anyone to get into trouble.

I believe that it is highly inappropriate that St. Regis Iridium spa massage therapist would offer a “full service”. It puts their professionalism in question (are they really offering massages or just “happy ending” services?) and whether the hotel in question participates into this as well (how could they not know?).

Friend of mine felt uncomfortable for the duration of the massage and could not enjoy it. Money wasted.


I would have had a word with management team member and reported the incident to see their reaction. Like I said before, I truly doubt that they wouldn’t know what is going on in their spa whether it is part of St. Regis brand standards in China or not.

It is common to see ladies “working” at the hotel bars and clubs in Asia but I wouldn’t expect hotel employees at the spa to offer to “happy ending” service to guests, however.

Few years ago, I felt disgusted at the Mercure hotel in Jakarta that had pictures of “massage therapists” playing on the TV in their fitness center/spa. It was more than obvious that you wouldn’t have hired these to provide any legit massage service.

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