Marriott Rewards & SPG Elite Choice 75 Nights Choice (Mine)


SPG members have been able to choose Elite Gift Choice after passing certain number of nights since early 2000’s and Marriott Rewards extended this option to the combined program as of August 18, 2018 (read more about the options at the 50 and 75 nights here).

Marriott Rewards & SPG Choice Benefits 50 75 Nights

There were quite a few issues with these Elite Choice options right after program merger but my selection at the 75 nights level today went through just fine.

You can access Marriott’s page for Elite Choice here.

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You can see the Elite Choice Option in your account:

Platinum Premier Elite Benefit Choice 75 Nights

Not sure if Marriott/SPG ever sends out emails when members are eligible to choose one?

Options at 75 Nights:

  • Five (5) Suite Night Awards™
  • 40% off bed
  • $100 Charity Donation
  • The gift of Gold Elite status for a friend or family member
  • Five (5) Elite Night Credits
  • One (1) Free Night Award

My Choice:

I have always chosen the free night award over Suite Nights Awards (more valuable option IMHO). There is no way that you could make the choice by a mistake. You have to click twice by confirming your selection and that it is FINAL.


Marriott Rewards & SPG Choice Benefits 50 75 Nights Free Night Confirmation

Confirmation Email:

Marriott Rewards & SPG Choice Benefits 50 75 Nights Free Night Confirmation Email U


Marriott Rewards & SPG Choice Benefits 50 75 Nights Free Night Deposited

It won’t take two weeks for the certificate to show up in your account as it seems to be now instantaneous.


Glad to know that Marriott Rewards seems to have resolved the issues surrounding the Elite Choice selection after the August 18, 2018 program merger. There were no issues selecting the free night certificate at this time and it was deposited to the account immediately

Some members really value those Suite Night Awards but I don’t. I had most of them (close to 20) expire unused when they were first introduced and using them haven’t become any easier this year. I have never had issues using free night awards, however.

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