United Airlines MileagePlus Premier Program Updates


United Airlines on Friday announced changes to its changes MileagePlus program that will take place immediately and on January 1, 2019.

United Airlines MileagePlus Updates

Gold and Silver members will have higher baggage allowance on some routes, 1K qualification $ requirement will move to $15,000 starting next year and business class P fare class bonus will move from 200% to 150%. Also Platinum members earn two RPUs and 1Ks four.

You can access United’s page for MileagePlus updates here.

Here are the changes:


  • All premier members will have standard luggage weight allowance of 70 LBS (32 kilos)
  • Elite members (Silver, Gold, Platinum, 1K and GS) have luggage allowance of three bags of 32 kilos each when traveling in premium cabins.
  • Gold members traveling between United States and Europe can check up to three bags (previously 2) even when in economy. Silver members can check two.


  • 1K qualification requirement will move from $12,000 PQD to $15,000 starting in 2019.
  • P fares move from 200% PQM bonus to 150% come January 1, 2019.
  • There is PQD waiver in place for 1K members whose account address is not in the United States.


  • Members can earn maximum of 4 Regional Premier Upgrades. 2 upon meeting Platinum requirement and additional 2 for reaching 1K. Members won’t earn 2 additional RPU’s for each 25K in PQMs.
  • 1K members will earn one Global Premier Upgrade for each 25K PQMs over the qualification criteria instead of two for every 50K.


Nothing too drastic here. The earning of RPUs is drastically cut for those that reach Platinum and 1K status. You can earn maximum of 4 instead of unlimited number of them that can be used to upgrade companion members or friends and family.

The $15K threshold for 1K status is not that high for members that fly on mixed fares. Others should emigrate their account outside of the United States that may require some proof of address.

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