Reader Question: New British Airways Executive Club Card Designs Leaked Online – Are They Real?

A reader forwarded us a link where someone leaked new designs for British Airways Executive Club membership cards that are not featured on the BA membership profile as of now.

Even though there is no guarantee the card designs are actually real and stem from one of BA’s departments it’s interesting to see a new approach to the membership materials.

BAEC had the same design for their membership materials for some time now and the last card update was a really long time ago. In that sense a facelift could indeed be in the cards sometime soon.

I’m not big on these new designs, in fact the Bronze Card looks better than Silver or Gold, the latter reminding me of a random gift card available during christmas time. And the cards still don’t show that British Airways is the issuing airline which is something I ran into before. “Executive Club? Of which airline??”

Our reader Christopher wrote:

hey guys! have you seen the leak on reddit including the new BA cards?

wonder if i can request one of the new designs already. any idea?

cheers! -christopher from denmark

The Reddit thread he provided a link to can be accessed here and feature the image as pictured above.

I checked it out and as of right now the Executive Club website still features the old design which members can order replacement items of:

If you want to order new cards or baggage tags you can do so by logging into your online account and select the “Executive Club Items” menu bar.


You can certainly check every now and then to see if BA has officially updated their designs and then order one of the membership sets but really, why would you as long as you have a current card?

Nowadays you don’t really need a physical membership card anymore to access your benefits such as lounge or priority check-in. Most programs provide digital membership cards which are accepted at the lounge if they even ask and not just scan the boarding pass where the benefits are encoded.

I still like to keep a current membership card in my travel wallet in case there is ever any issue or I want to credit the flight to a different program but still want to use my main programs status benefits. I really don’t care about the design though as much as I dislike the new Silver/Gold options.

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