Reader Question: Is It Worth It To Pay The Newly Increased Priority Pass Fees Per Visit?


We received a Reader Question asking if it’s worth it to pay for individual visits at Priority Pass Lounges after the company announced an increase in fees for their customers who pay per each visit.

Many customers have purchased a basic Priority Pass membership where they pay for individual visits or been given such a membership through various credit card products and those are the affected fliers who have to watch it now.

Paying for lounge visits is always a topic in and for itself as you better get a damn good value for money if you decide to spend US$32 for a short while at an airport lounge. Especially Priority Pass or Independent Lounges that are usually not offering much in terms of food and beverage.

John already wrote about the Priority Pass fee increase which goes into effect tomorrow, October 1st 2018.

The reader asked if it’s actually worth it to pay such a fee of $32 and I told him that it really depends on the amount of time one intends to spend there or maybe to grab a shower where available. 32 bucks is quite a bit of money that could be spend for a proper meal if one just has like an hour or so to kill, I certainly wouldn’t invest it just for getting some nibbles at a lackluster lounge.

Priority Pass also sent out another reminder yesterday about the new fees which is apparently targeted to those customers who got their membership through American Express.

We wanted to take this chance to remind you again that from the 1st October 2018 we will be increasing the fee for chargeable lounge visits to US$32 per visit per person. Any complimentary visits included as a part of your membership will not be affected by this fee increase.

I got it as well even though I have the Platinum Card and all visits are free to begin with. Maybe they could have sorted the recipients of this membership a bit better even though the fees will still apply for all guests beyond the two complimentary individuals per visit.


I’ve been a fan of Priority Pass and I think there is some value to be had especially since they added restaurants to the list of their facilities at many airports worldwide. I wonder if the credit will now also go up to $32 or if it remains at $28 for the time being.

Is it worth it to begin with to have a Priority Pass where visits are chargeable? I guess if it’s free and you keep it as an emergency insurance in case you get stranded somewhere and don’t want to sit around at the gate area for hours on end. Otherwise I suggest if you’re really interested in the membership then find yourself a credit card that includes an unlimited pass.

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